venison steak sandwich.

it’s pay day today and i’ve done two really grown up things. the first was that i paid my internet bill. the second was that i had a venison steak sandwich from the wild game co. i was a bit nervous about this because i don’t think i’ve ever consciously eaten venison. me and my sister recently discovered that throughout our lives our mum has tricked us into eating different kinds of meat, because she knew that if we really knew what it was, we wouldn’t touch it. i will never forget the day my sister realised that the chicken she had just eaten was in fact a little bunny rabbit.

my friend was too eager to wait for me and headed to the wild game co stall at 12pm, where he got the venison burger. he said it was good, but not amazing, so i decided to get something different. i am really glad that i did because i really liked my sandwich. i don’t do scores normally but i would give this a solid 7.5 out of 10. the only thing i would change was the bread, it was a tiny bit dry.

the filling was excellent though. the steak was rare, smothered in caramelised onions, cheese, cooked cherry tomatoes and salad in some sort of sweet wholegrain mustard dressing.

verdict – i would definitely get this again. sorry bambi


foxcroft chicken mozzarella and salsa verde sandwich.

i haven’t been to foxcroft and ginger since they poured honey dressing on top of my ham and cheese french toast a few months ago (i’m not a sweet and savoury kid ok) but today i decided to forgive them.

i skipped down sex alley in soho and was almost swayed by the pizza pilgrims but today was more of a sandwich kind of day for me. i opted for the chicken, mozzarella and salsa verde sandwich, which the nice lady then toasted and spent approximately 3 minutes wooing with salad and seasoning which i was really grateful for because it showed she cared about my feelings (and it gave me time to finish a masterpiece i’d been working on on draw something)

this sandwich was quite messy and i had to use two napkins and i had green in my teeth so i wouldn’t recommend eating if it you are with someone you really like but if you are alone or with people you don’t really like then i think you should just relax and go for it.

verdict – i can sometimes find foxcroft a bit hit and miss, but i quite liked this and would purchase it again