somboon thai stall (soho).

so i haven’t done any cooking lately because i normally finish work late and when i get back all i want to do is have a nesquik and not look at a computer screen. because of this i thought that i would start posting about some of my favourite places to go for lunch in soho.

if you work in soho then you are probably familiar with the somboon thai curry stall. even if you haven’t sampled the food, the fragrant thai smell that wafts down rupert st is hard to miss (i’m pretty sure that’s why all the crack heads congregate around this area)

i normally get the same thing, a green thai chicken curry with crispy fried shallots (this will set you back £4.80). this is pretty spicy but they do a red version too which i’m assured is just as delicious, just not as hot. please bear in mind that i will judge you if you choose this.


verdict – this will warm the coldest of hearts. authentic and delicious, just try it ok…