pizza pilgrims.

so i mentioned in my previous post that i had been eyeing up the pizza pilgrims van on berwick st and today i decided to give in and see what all the fuss was about.

now i see what the fuss is about. it was really good.

i headed down there at about 2pm which turned out to be quite good as i didn’t have to queue 40 minutes (which is what i had prepared myself for).

i went for the garlic courgette, red onion (there was meant to be black olives too but i think they forgot) rocket and chilli – although the napoli sausage sounded great, the lack of sauce worried me.

the boys that run the stall are very nice and friendly and reminded me a bit of those baking brothers on channel 4 (but less knob-ish)

bet foxcroft and ginger are really happy about this

this is where the magic happens

when i strutted back to the office so many people were staring at the pizza in my hand and i felt so smug, and it even inspired a few people in the office to head down to berwick st (you’re welcome).

verdict – if you’re in soho with a £5 note in your pocket make sure you check these boys out. i will be returning!