so after my byron burger and spuntino posts i had a lot of people telling me that i had to check out MEATliquor. i had a birthday last week and thought this would be a good opportunity for me and my friends to drink some liquor and do some meat sweats. it was safe to say i was REALLY excited.

i had also been told that the queue was ridiculous, and queueing makes me eggy so i made my friends leave work early and they couldn’t argue with me because it was my birthday and i was allowed to be a brat and get away with it.

we got there at 5.45pm and as soon as we got out of the cab on welbeck st (it was raining) we were greeted by the smell of meat, confirming that we were in the right place. luckily there was no queue and we were ushered inside to the bar area, where i ordered a rum and coke, served to me in a jam jar. that’s fun isn’t it?

we were then taken to a table at the back in a quieter part of the restaurant. i have to apologise for the quality of my pictures, the red lighting did not lend itself well to food pornography.

i did some research and decided before i had even stepped foot in the building that i was going to order the dead hippie burger. i had also been recommended the chilli cheese fries so we ordered a couple of those to share (we had asked for 3 but the nice waitress said hold your horses that is way too much food for 8 people, and she was right)

the picture above is the first tray of  heart attack inducing food that arrived. there are no cutlery or plates, just a big kitchen roll which we got through pretty quickly and had to request a second one.

this is the dead hippie. i won’t lie, it was incredible. the first bite caught me off guard, as soon as you sink your teeth in the meat drips everywhere and i realised i had to be tactical with the kitchen roll.

i feel dirty just looking at these pictures. after my rum and coke i ordered the intriguing ‘house grog’, a pineapple rum cocktail which came with the warning that they would only serve 2 per person due to how strong they were. this was probably my highlight.

i would recommend this place as a treat every once in a while, especially if you’re with a group of people as its slaughterhouse interior adds to the novelty. go see for yourself (and maybe pack some wet wipes)