hawksmoor seven dials.

hawksmoor has been on my restaurant wish list for quite a long time and on saturday my dreams came true. my mum and dad were coming down to london to see les misérables which also coincided with my birthday. they didn’t get me a ticket to see the show (thanks) but they did want to take me for dinner at 5pm. my mum told me she had booked a table at a tapas restaurant which i was fine with but i had subtlety mentioned about five times that i would rather go to hawksmoor. when we got off the tube i started walking towards the tapas restaurant and my mum was stressing out and faffing around with google maps which annoyed me because i knew where we were going. technology was failing her and she eventually cracked and said “ok we’re going to hawksmoor!”.

what a prankster. i was over the moon.

we arrived at the seven dials restaurant and i knew it was going be good because everyone that was already eating looked really content. it was quite quiet as we were so early which i was happy about. our waitress was really nice and explained all the different cuts of meat whilst my mum and dad looked bored because they already know stuff about cows.

i was absolutely hanging out of my arse because i’d had four hours sleep after going out in soho the night before, but the hawksmoor collins cocktail called out to me (i have to try anything that has my surname in it). i think the gin and campari actually made me feel better.

to start with we ordered the tamworth belly ribs and roast scallops with white wine and garlic. the ribs were sensational and so soft they melted in the mouth. i could have just had one of those and gone home happy. my mouth is watering thinking about them.


i have to be in the mood for scallops, unfortunately this was not one of those days. i tried a little bit and felt like i was going to be sick on my legs so i let my dad have mine. he said they were bloody lovely.


for my main i ordered the rib eye, my dad got the rump and my mum got half a lobster. she said the lobster was much better than the one she had at burger and lobster. we also got some creamed spinach, beef dripping fries, triple cooked chips and roast field mushrooms. this meal happened 24hrs ago and i am still full up. my steak was massive and cooked perfectly.





i loved everything about this meal. i  would really like to go back to hawksmoor to try out their roast dinner as i’ve heard it’s fabulous. if you would like to take me then that would be ok.


burger and lobster.

on friday night i went to a restaurant i’ve wanted to go to for ages. it’s called burger and lobster and it’s on dean st in soho (there is also one in mayfair). i really liked the setting, there are red leather booths and there were lots of people wearing lobster bibs. we arrived at ab0ut 6.30pm and got a table straight away.

once seated the friendly waitress gave us a drinks menu and told us we had a choice of 3 things to order.

burger (with cheese and bacon)
lobster roll

all 3 options were £20 and came with fries and a salad. me and my friend decided to get a burger and a lobster to share. it was a good decision. the lobster was meaty and delicious and came with a dream boat of herb and garlic butter. it was bloody massive too. the burger was pretty huge, too big to put in your mouth. my friend ate hers with a knife and fork like a princess. it was a good burger, but i have had better.

here is my friend and the burger so you can see how big it is next to a human

when we left at approx 8pm there was a queue forming and the bar was busy with people getting drunk whilst they waited to be seated.

in summary it’s good for the novelty of wearing a bib. i wouldn’t recommend going there if you don’t like lobster because you’ll end up paying £20 for a burger and i believe there are better and cheaper burgers to be had in london (like byron and meatliquor). if you want to eat a whole lobster then definitely go there.

i’ve also heard from loads of people (3 people) that the lobster roll is amazing, so i might go back for that one day.