an eggcellent day.

i am not a morning person. however, this morning i got up really early because i was going for a special breakfast at the breakfast club. i think this might be the start of a new me, because the overwhelming sense of smugness that i felt when i skipped down the road with the sun in my hair at 7am was incredible.

i’m a little concerned that my blog is becoming a little ‘egg’ heavy but it’s ok because the breakfast i had this morning was maybe the best of my life. maybe i’ve lived a sheltered life, but honestly it was great.

i ordered an earl grey (because all ladies should drink earl grey) and eggs benedict which cost me £9.90 altogether.

i posted this picture on facebook and it went viral (not even joking, 22 likes and 8 comments. shit got real)

the egg was runny, the ham was thick and the hollandaise was dreamy.

verdict – if you like getting up early, feeling smug, and eating eggs then i thoroughly recommend a trip to the breakfast club (it opens at 8am)


chorizo hash.

you know when you get in from work and you’re hungry and the only things in your fridge are runner beans, new potatoes, tomatoes, chorizo, eggs and a red onion?

yeah, well… this is for those days.

you will need:

runner beans

new potatoes



chorizo (cut into strips)

1 egg (poached)

red onion


smoked paprika

chilli (i used flakes because i didn’t have any fresh)

olive oil

salt + pepper

what to do:

1. boil the potatoes, drain and cool

2. heat olive oil in a non-stick frying pan and fry potatoes

3. add the chorizo, garlic, onion, chilli, tomatoes, paprika and fry off for a few mins

4. add the spinach

5. serve with a poached egg on top and season

eggscuseme miss.

if you can’t make poached eggs then you should probably learn today. it really is a dying art.

if you have tried but you can’t quite get there, then that’s ok. we can’t all be heroes.

this method will give you perfect runny mozzarella ball poached eggs. i like to serve them on marmite toast (if you haven’t tried it then you really should) with a little ketchup. my sister has salad cream but she is mentally unstable and possibly adopted.

here is what you will need:

1 pan of water

2 eggs

1 tsp white wine vinegar (or malt vinegar is fine)

a teacup (this makes it easier to pour the eggs into the water)

kitchen roll


what to do:

1. heat the pan of water

2. place 2 eggs into a teacup with the vinegar (make sure the yolks don’t split because that would be rubbish)

3. once the water is boiling turn it down to a simmer

4. now you need to use the whisk to create a little whirlpool of water

5. gently pour in the eggs into the direction of the water

6. set your timer to 3 minutes

7. this is a good time to put your toast on

8. once the 3 minutes are up take out the eggs and place them on the kitchen roll. this will soak up any excess water

9. season your little eggs and wow your friends.