tomato, caper, mozzarella and mint linguine.

if like me, you haven’t been paid since the 23rd of december then you are probably quite poor right now. i am saving all my dinner money so that i can drink 12 rums tomorrow night in soho, so tonight i needed something mega cheap. this pasta dish is mega cheap, and mega easy and is really really tasty. my mum says i bastardise it by adding mozzarella but i don’t care.

here is what you will need:

250g linguine (depending on how hungry you are, this amount was for 2 people)

plum tomatoes

2tbsp capers

2 cloves of garlic

1 red chilli


handful of fresh mint

handful of fresh basil



olive oil

what to do:

1. boil a pan of water for your pasta

2. finely slice the garlic and chilli then fry in a pan in the olive oil

3. put the tomatoes in a bowl and crush them up a bit them then add them to the chilli and garlic

4. once your pasta is cooked drain it and then add it to the pan with the chilli etc

5. add the capers, mozzarella, mint and basil

6. mix it all together, season and then serve in pasta bowls

7. told you it was easy