honest burger.

i went to the new honest burger in soho on friday to try out their special christmas burger because it sounded wonderful.

i have been looking forward to going to honest burger for quite a long time because everyone says it is better than byron and as good as meat liquor. i am still undecided. i think i made some bad decisions though so i am going to blame myself for feeling a bit sad about my experience.

my first bad decision was that i got my burger cooked medium rather than medium rare. i think this was the reason why i found the beef quite dense and not as juicy as i’d hoped. my second mistake was ordering the christmas burger (which cost £11.50) and ignoring the fact that it would come covered in cranberry (not a massive fan).

the camembert and bacon was lovely but slightly overpowered by the sweetness of the cranberry. my friends ordered the honest burger and i was so jealous i clenched my fists under the table and tried not to cry. the third thing i wasn’t sure about were the rosemary chips, they were just too salty for me. i enjoyed my can of coke.


the restaurant is quite small so be prepared to queue (we waited for about 15 mins, but it was a friday lunchtime). i think i will go back and make sure i get a medium rare honest burger which will hopefully make me feel a bit happier.



dane’s yard kitchen

on thursday i was really brave and ventured all the way to stratford. the reason for this was because myself and my colleague had been invited to check out a new restaurant called dane’s yard kitchen.

it was really weird going to a blogger event as a guest rather than being on the other side with clammy hands and a clipboard. i had a really good night though. we were greeted with a mojito and some tasty bar snacks, then we played some ping pong, then we had another cocktail, then we were fed some burgers and cheesecake. we also met some really nice people and some of them told me i smelt nice, so i told them i was an angel.





if you’re looking for a venue in stratford where you can eat, drink and play ping pong then def take a look at this place, it’s got a huge patio and soon you’ll be able to go to the top of the east strand (the big statue that looks like the olympic torch).


burger and lobster.

on friday night i went to a restaurant i’ve wanted to go to for ages. it’s called burger and lobster and it’s on dean st in soho (there is also one in mayfair). i really liked the setting, there are red leather booths and there were lots of people wearing lobster bibs. we arrived at ab0ut 6.30pm and got a table straight away.

once seated the friendly waitress gave us a drinks menu and told us we had a choice of 3 things to order.

burger (with cheese and bacon)
lobster roll

all 3 options were £20 and came with fries and a salad. me and my friend decided to get a burger and a lobster to share. it was a good decision. the lobster was meaty and delicious and came with a dream boat of herb and garlic butter. it was bloody massive too. the burger was pretty huge, too big to put in your mouth. my friend ate hers with a knife and fork like a princess. it was a good burger, but i have had better.

here is my friend and the burger so you can see how big it is next to a human

when we left at approx 8pm there was a queue forming and the bar was busy with people getting drunk whilst they waited to be seated.

in summary it’s good for the novelty of wearing a bib. i wouldn’t recommend going there if you don’t like lobster because you’ll end up paying £20 for a burger and i believe there are better and cheaper burgers to be had in london (like byron and meatliquor). if you want to eat a whole lobster then definitely go there.

i’ve also heard from loads of people (3 people) that the lobster roll is amazing, so i might go back for that one day.


if you’re hungry when you read this you should probably look away now…

a new thing i like to do on fridays is go for secret lunches with my wolf pack. my wolf pack consists of 3 work colleagues but i can’t tell you who they are. last friday we were a man down, but that didn’t stop us from braving the rain and walking approximately 30 seconds around the corner to spuntino.

if you’re in soho frequently, spuntino is the kind of place you would walk past everyday and never notice (which is kind of what adds to its appeal).

it really is quite cool inside, i felt a bit like i was an extra in gossip girl or mad men or friends. there are seats around the bar or a few quieter tables at the back, we sat at the back which i was quite happy about. we agreed this would be a good place to take a date because you don’t have to make eye contact and they can’t watch you eat as you’re side by side rather than face to face. unless they swivel round a bit, and in that case you probably shouldn’t be on a date with them anyway because that’s just creepy.

i had read a few blogs and heard about the amazing ‘off the menu’ burger, which thankfully has now been added. i think i would have been too scared to wink and ask for it, like i imagine they would do in the movies (or friends).

i had eaten some mini weetabix for breakfast and this was quite an early lunch so i wasn’t particularly hungry and for this reason i didn’t order sides (just a massive cheeseburger). also it was the friday before pay day, i ain’t made of money guys. the waiter recommended that we ordered about 8 or 9 plates between us, but as mine was full size i ignored him. my pack ordered shoestring fries, chilli mussel linguine, jerusalem artichoke & truffle vinaigrette salad, ground beef and bone marrow slider and the truffled egg toast (which they both agreed was incredible but i’m still not sure what it actually was. i was too preoccupied dressing my burger and thinking about the anniversary of kate and will).

as you can see the burger came with red onion and chunks of gherkin which i carefully placed inside along with a dollop of ketchup and a splash of tabasco. my mouth is literally watering just thinking about it.

i think the first bite made me make a funny noise. i don’t remember much else. all i know is that the meat was so soft it literally melted in my mouth. if i had seen this picture of how rare it was cooked i would have said “no thank you good sir” but it was honestly was cooked perfectly. maybe i’m finally growing up.

my burger was £9, but i think if you’re going there hungry you should order a few sides. i’ve heard the eggplant chips are delish.

verdict – bold statement, but better than a byron. go on pay day. actually just go when you can…  next on my list is meat liqour

byron burgah.

on tuesday night me and my friend lynsey went for a nice treat because she is leaving work soon to do another job where she will draw nice pictures and do some good colouring in. we chose to go to the byron on charing cross rd rather than the soho one because it is normally quieter than its soho sister and it is closer to leicester sq tube (where we try and spot tfl workers from the bbc 2 documentary ‘the tube’).

we really like going to byron because the burgers are probably in the top 12 burgers in london but i don’t know if this is true because i haven’t tried all the burgers in london i just know that they are really nice.

i got the byron burger and lynsey got chicken and we had french fries and lynsey had a root beer and i had a coke in a glass bottle which always makes me feel really happy.

my pictures aren’t very good because i was using my phone and the restaurant was candlelit because i think they were trying to be romantic

because it was a special treat we decided to go all out and have an oreo and brownie sundae too. it was nice but neither of us really care too much about ice cream so it was a bit of a silly decision. if you like ice cream and crumbled up brownie and one oreo you will like this

this is how many points lynsey gave dessert (i’m not sure what it’s out of)

verdict – i have been told there are better burgers to be had in london, but for me this is my favourite so far. i will keep you updated on my quest…