an eggcellent day.

i am not a morning person. however, this morning i got up really early because i was going for a special breakfast at the breakfast club. i think this might be the start of a new me, because the overwhelming sense of smugness that i felt when i skipped down the road with the sun in my hair at 7am was incredible.

i’m a little concerned that my blog is becoming a little ‘egg’ heavy but it’s ok because the breakfast i had this morning was maybe the best of my life. maybe i’ve lived a sheltered life, but honestly it was great.

i ordered an earl grey (because all ladies should drink earl grey) and eggs benedict which cost me £9.90 altogether.

i posted this picture on facebook and it went viral (not even joking, 22 likes and 8 comments. shit got real)

the egg was runny, the ham was thick and the hollandaise was dreamy.

verdict – if you like getting up early, feeling smug, and eating eggs then i thoroughly recommend a trip to the breakfast club (it opens at 8am)