this little piggy went to market.

one of my favourite places to go on a saturday is borough market. if you like meat and bread and you own a barbour jacket then you will fit in just fine. me and my friends have a rule that we can never eat the same thing twice, but after my lunch today i think i might have to bend that rule.

if you’re going to head down there then i’ve found it best to go late afternoon as the queues aren’t as big. i’ve always perved on the brindisa spanish chorizo roll stall and after much deliberation i finally plucked up the courage to get one. i did not regret this decision.

it cost me £4.95 and this is what it looked like

this is what your face will look like when you eat it

this is what your trousers will look like if you don’t use a napkin

go and try one ok.