banh mi 11.

last week i decided to go to banh mi 11, the vietnamese baguette stall at berwick st market. i’d walked passed the stall a few times and didn’t feel like cutting my mouth on a dry sandwich from pret today so thought i’d take that same old stroll down sex alley to see what was going down, and i’m really quite glad i did.
i didn’t take very long to decide to go for the crackling pork banh mi whilst my friend, who is a vegtable-arian, opted for the tofu (see main pic).

i didn’t really know what to expect and whilst the guys on the stall prepared my sandwich i started to doubt myself. had i made the right choice of filling? why was i in the rain without an umbrella? why DO dogs have wet noses? i had no reason to worry. the banh mi guys had it covered.

the baguette cost me £5 and it was £5 well spent because not only was it authentic and delicious, it kept my hands warm as i trotted back to the office.

the filling of the sandwich was made up of soft slow roasted pork belly that had been marinated in lemon jus and five spice, crunchy crackling, cucumber, carrot, radish pickle, coriander and smothered in hot sauce. the combination of flavours made my mouth do a little dance. at first glance i was worried that it might be a little dry, and that the we might have a roof of mouth cutting situation like the pret baguette incident of november 2011. i had nothing to worry about, it was pretty perfect.

verdict – berwick st market is quickly becoming my favourite lunch destination, if you are in soho then i demand you pay these guys a visit (if you want to, please)