Flat Iron.

Last week I went to Flat Iron for lunch because it was my birthday and everyone should eat a steak on their birthday.

I have heard loads of people banging on about this place, so I thought we would have to queue for sure as you can’t book. Me and my friend arrived at about 12:45pm and we were seated straight away, which I was pleasantly surprised by.

Once seated we were delivered a mug of beef dripping popcorn – I won’t lie it kind of tasted like normal popcorn but I did have a bit of a cold so my palette might not have been on top form.

flat iron popcorn

The menu is simple, we both ordered the Flat Iron Steak and a couple of sides to share.

photo (102)

The best bit is that you get a little baby meat cleaver. You don’t really need the cleaver because the steak is already sliced up but it’s good for being an Instagram dick and pretending to be a serial killer.

The food arrived quickly, which is good if you are a business man like me.

flat iron

photo (98)

The meat was amazing. Really really soft and just better than I ever imagined it would be. Here is a picture of the steak next to a grown bald man so you can see how big it is. When it first came out I thought it looked a bit small, but it was actually just the right amount.

flat iron

flat ironflat iron

I know I’m just jumping on the Flat Iron hype, but it really is pretty good and for £10 you can’t go wrong. Go and see for yourself.


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