honest burger.

i went to the new honest burger in soho on friday to try out their special christmas burger because it sounded wonderful.

i have been looking forward to going to honest burger for quite a long time because everyone says it is better than byron and as good as meat liquor. i am still undecided. i think i made some bad decisions though so i am going to blame myself for feeling a bit sad about my experience.

my first bad decision was that i got my burger cooked medium rather than medium rare. i think this was the reason why i found the beef quite dense and not as juicy as i’d hoped. my second mistake was ordering the christmas burger (which cost £11.50) and ignoring the fact that it would come covered in cranberry (not a massive fan).

the camembert and bacon was lovely but slightly overpowered by the sweetness of the cranberry. my friends ordered the honest burger and i was so jealous i clenched my fists under the table and tried not to cry. the third thing i wasn’t sure about were the rosemary chips, they were just too salty for me. i enjoyed my can of coke.


the restaurant is quite small so be prepared to queue (we waited for about 15 mins, but it was a friday lunchtime). i think i will go back and make sure i get a medium rare honest burger which will hopefully make me feel a bit happier.