pulled pork.

i love pulled pork so i decided to make some. my mum and dad have invented their own bbq sauce which they’ve been wowing their friends with, and i was going to make their version but there were a lot of ingredients that i didn’t have so i decided to do a cheats version instead. i’ve seen a lot of recipes recently that involve using a litre of coke but this scares me a bit so i just decided to make up my own version and hope for the best.

my first decision was whether to use pork shoulder or ribs. my parents use shoulder, but the ribman told me i should use ribs, so i went with ribs.

i’m really proud of how it turned out. it’s honestly so easy as well, you just have to give yourself a good 4/5 hours to leave it to cook.

what you need:

2 racks of pork ribs
smoked paprika
chilli powder

bbq sauce of choice (i used econa jerk bbq)
worcestershire sauce

bread rolls
red cabbage

what to do:

1. dry rub the ribs with smoked paprika, chilli powder, salt and pepper

2. fill baking tray with an inch of water and place the ribs on tray. chuck in a few peeled garlic cloves

3. cover with tin foil

4. place in oven (fan 150c) for 3.5 hours

5. take out and coat in bbq sauce and worcestershire sauce

6. cook for another hour

7. pull meat off the bone (it should fall off easily)

8. serve in buns with red cabbage, gherkins and coleslaw

9. pretend you’re on man vs food and stuff your face

the meat was so soft and melted off the bone. when i started cooking i was worried that 2 racks of ribs wouldn’t be enough, but this would easily make enough for 4 people. i’m having the leftovers for my tea tonight :)

i’m going to make this again soon but will experiment with pork shoulder and making my own bbq sauce. will let you know how it goes boys!


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