pulled pork.

i love pulled pork so i decided to make some. my mum and dad have invented their own bbq sauce which they’ve been wowing their friends with, and i was going to make their version but there were a lot of ingredients that i didn’t have so i decided to do a cheats version instead. i’ve seen a lot of recipes recently that involve using a litre of coke but this scares me a bit so i just decided to make up my own version and hope for the best.

my first decision was whether to use pork shoulder or ribs. my parents use shoulder, but the ribman told me i should use ribs, so i went with ribs.

i’m really proud of how it turned out. it’s honestly so easy as well, you just have to give yourself a good 4/5 hours to leave it to cook.

what you need:

2 racks of pork ribs
smoked paprika
chilli powder

bbq sauce of choice (i used econa jerk bbq)
worcestershire sauce

bread rolls
red cabbage

what to do:

1. dry rub the ribs with smoked paprika, chilli powder, salt and pepper

2. fill baking tray with an inch of water and place the ribs on tray. chuck in a few peeled garlic cloves

3. cover with tin foil

4. place in oven (fan 150c) for 3.5 hours

5. take out and coat in bbq sauce and worcestershire sauce

6. cook for another hour

7. pull meat off the bone (it should fall off easily)

8. serve in buns with red cabbage, gherkins and coleslaw

9. pretend you’re on man vs food and stuff your face

the meat was so soft and melted off the bone. when i started cooking i was worried that 2 racks of ribs wouldn’t be enough, but this would easily make enough for 4 people. i’m having the leftovers for my tea tonight :)

i’m going to make this again soon but will experiment with pork shoulder and making my own bbq sauce. will let you know how it goes boys!


the big feastival.

a couple of saturdays ago i had an amazing time in a field. don’t worry i wasn’t cow tipping or dogging, i was just having a nice time at the jamie oliver big feastival. this was basically a food and music festival, on alex james’ farm (that fella that likes cheese from blur) in oxfordshire. i was really sweet and took my mum and dad with me because my mum was still pissed off that i didn’t take her to the cube.

for some reason electrolux had decided to give me a press pass, so i thought i would see what this entitled me to.

first of all we attended a mark sargeant demo in the electrolux kitchen. it was fun to see him making some pasta in front of our very eyes. after the demo we went to the vip bar area and used the posh toilets and had some champagne. jeremy clarkson was sat there with his wife getting drunk. i think they were having a nice time.

there were also lots of other famous chefs doing demos including jamie oliver, he must have been so tired on monday. my mum literally let out an uncontrollable squeal every time valentine warner walked past us.

we had seen some people eating massive fish fingers so we went to see what was going on at the food stalls. we found the mark hix fish dog wagon and decided to give it a bash. it cost £5 and it basically was just a big fish finger in a bun with mushy peas. it was good. i also had a brewdog so that i looked really festival. my dad got a byron burger because he had never had one before and i was a bit jealous.

after eating i ditched my mum and dad for a bit and met up with my friends. we wandered around and sat on deck chairs drinking really strong mojitos. i don’t really like festivals that much but this was a really nice festival because it wasn’t mental busy, just nice busy. the queues weren’t ridiculous and you could get seats if you wanted to have a rest. i was also really grateful for access to the nice toilets.

after a few drinks and my fish dog i was feeling quite confident and i decided to see if my green wristband could get me backstage. in my head i just kept saying “i am beyonce, i am beyonce”. luckily this seemed to work. me and my friend glided backstage with ease. once there we didn’t really know what to do so we helped ourselves to some beers from one of the dressing rooms and had a chat with some of the backing singers.

one of them let me use her iphone charger because i was on 11%. i think she thought i was important or that i had something wrong with me and i’d won a competition. whilst we sat there trying to look relaxed gaz coombes and alex james walked around chain smoking. paloma faith also appeared briefly and said hello. it was really fun.

we decided to go find everyone in case they were worried we had been escorted from the site. on the way out we gave the security man a nod and said we would be back later. suckerrrrr.

after all that excitement we decided to get something else to eat and i had been eyeing up barbecoa all day so we headed in that direction. i was going to get pulled pork but i didn’t think it would be as good as pitt cue so i went for the chilli cheese dog. it was a very tasty sausage but very messy to eat.

we then decided to go backstage again because the noisettes and paloma faith were about to perform. i also wanted to meet jamie oliver a little bit so i could tell him that when i went to his italian the olives made me really thirsty. this time round we decided to try our luck and sneaked on to the side of the stage so that we had the best view. it was amazing, we stood there with a couple of the stage crew and got to watch both performances whilst looking out to a sea of people. i really really wanted to run out on to the stage but i didn’t think my mum would like it.

when paloma faith finished her set we had a chat with her and i said well done. she said that there were lots of technical difficulties but i said i didn’t notice. then i had my picture taken with her then i went home.

i’ve cropped my face out of this because i didn’t like it and it adds a sense of mystery.

thank you very much to electrolux, it was so much fun and my mum now wants to buy one of your induction hobs so well done to you too.