dane’s yard kitchen

on thursday i was really brave and ventured all the way to stratford. the reason for this was because myself and my colleague had been invited to check out a new restaurant called dane’s yard kitchen.

it was really weird going to a blogger event as a guest rather than being on the other side with clammy hands and a clipboard. i had a really good night though. we were greeted with a mojito and some tasty bar snacks, then we played some ping pong, then we had another cocktail, then we were fed some burgers and cheesecake. we also met some really nice people and some of them told me i smelt nice, so i told them i was an angel.





if you’re looking for a venue in stratford where you can eat, drink and play ping pong then def take a look at this place, it’s got a huge patio and soon you’ll be able to go to the top of the east strand (the big statue that looks like the olympic torch).



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