dane’s yard kitchen

on thursday i was really brave and ventured all the way to stratford. the reason for this was because myself and my colleague had been invited to check out a new restaurant called dane’s yard kitchen.

it was really weird going to a blogger event as a guest rather than being on the other side with clammy hands and a clipboard. i had a really good night though. we were greeted with a mojito and some tasty bar snacks, then we played some ping pong, then we had another cocktail, then we were fed some burgers and cheesecake. we also met some really nice people and some of them told me i smelt nice, so i told them i was an angel.





if you’re looking for a venue in stratford where you can eat, drink and play ping pong then def take a look at this place, it’s got a huge patio and soon you’ll be able to go to the top of the east strand (the big statue that looks like the olympic torch).



sweetcorn and parmesan fritters


i just watched my mum knock up a couple of these fritters and thought i’d share as they were bloody great.

you will need:

1 egg
4 tbsp flour
150ml milk
tin of sweetcorn
2 courgettes
handful of chopped fresh parsley
grated parmesan

what to do:

1. grate the courgette and mix together in a bowl with the sweetcorn, parmesan and parsley
2. make a batter with the flour, egg, milk and season
3. mix everything in a bowl
4. fry a little vegetable oil in a pan, cook on both sides until golden



mahalo bitches!

homemade pizza.

the other day i decided to try out this pizza recipe from the londoner. it was delicious and i will definitely be making it again. i think this is a good option for when you have to cook for annoying vegetarians because they can just pick their own toppings and be quiet.

the only changes i made were that i added my home grown dried chilli flakes and pimento peppers to the sauce.

this is how mine turned out…

burger and lobster.

on friday night i went to a restaurant i’ve wanted to go to for ages. it’s called burger and lobster and it’s on dean st in soho (there is also one in mayfair). i really liked the setting, there are red leather booths and there were lots of people wearing lobster bibs. we arrived at ab0ut 6.30pm and got a table straight away.

once seated the friendly waitress gave us a drinks menu and told us we had a choice of 3 things to order.

burger (with cheese and bacon)
lobster roll

all 3 options were £20 and came with fries and a salad. me and my friend decided to get a burger and a lobster to share. it was a good decision. the lobster was meaty and delicious and came with a dream boat of herb and garlic butter. it was bloody massive too. the burger was pretty huge, too big to put in your mouth. my friend ate hers with a knife and fork like a princess. it was a good burger, but i have had better.

here is my friend and the burger so you can see how big it is next to a human

when we left at approx 8pm there was a queue forming and the bar was busy with people getting drunk whilst they waited to be seated.

in summary it’s good for the novelty of wearing a bib. i wouldn’t recommend going there if you don’t like lobster because you’ll end up paying £20 for a burger and i believe there are better and cheaper burgers to be had in london (like byron and meatliquor). if you want to eat a whole lobster then definitely go there.

i’ve also heard from loads of people (3 people) that the lobster roll is amazing, so i might go back for that one day.


i had my first ever schnitzel today. i’m not sure if this is true because a schnitzel is just a bit of flat meat in some breadcrumbs. i still don’t know if it was chicken or pork. please don’t ask me the difference between a schnitzel and an escalope as i won’t be able to tell you the answer.

bratwurst is on berwick st in soho and specialises in german sausages. it’s not very german inside, it’s more like an american diner for children.

i decided to get the schnitzel, mash potato and hunter sauce which cost £6.95. i’ll start with the best part – the mash. it was creamy and smooth and better than nando’s mash but probably not as good as mother mash, but i haven’t been there for ages so i can’t really remember.

the unknown meat was probably as big as the hand span of a big man. quite big.  however it was quite tough to cut and a bit tasteless.

the third component of my lunch was the hunter sauce (gravy with mushrooms and onions). on paper it sounded great… in my mouth it upset me. it was ok, it just had a really weird flavour that i couldn’t quite put my finger on.

when we got back to the office some of the boys were jealous of our paper bratwurst bags so they decided to go there too. the boys all ordered different combinations of sausage and here is what they had to say:

“beef bratwurst. it was awesome. good mustard.” RD

“i was left feeling ashamed and lazy. the meal i chose (double curry bratwurst with brotchen roll) consisted of little more than chopped up sausage, a mix of ketchup & curry powder, and a bread roll. i could have concocted this at home last night and brought the leftovers into work today for much less money and with a slightly higher quality of sausage. next time i go out for lunch, i will be selecting a much more elaborate meal – something that is not easily brought to work in the form of leftovers” AH

“i chose the double currywurst, and though i cannot comment on the quality of the mustard (i didn’t have any) it was a tasty and surprisingly light lunch. as an erstwhile aficionado of bratwust i lament my decision to omit the creamy mash from my selection. for £4.95 i have no complaints, and a pleasant after-taste of curry sauce.” MR

“felt like i was finally getting some good ol’ fashioned german lebensmittel in a country filled with pies, curry and asian food… i was excited at first, but a little let down when i realised i was eating out of a styrofoam box that was delivered to me before i could even type my pin into the card machine.” RW

“i had the double currywurst, the quality of curry sauce was trounced by the quality of the mustard. recommend you go with only mustard and ignore the appeal of curry sauce on the menu. bread was good.” SA

so in summary the mustard and bread rolls were the shining stars of the place that prides itself on its gourmet german sausages. i will probably go back to bratwurst because i like the taste of disappointment.

auf wiedersehen!