bucci in balham.

last week i went for dinner at a little italian restaurant in balham, which i think might become my new local fave. a few times i have walked past bucci and it’s been heaving with people stuffing their faces, whilst the rest of the restaurants along the high st have been no way near as busy.

there are a few reasons why i liked bucci so much

  • the first is because the restaurant was really old school and made me feel like tony soprano. the italian man that owns it remembered my friends from their previous visit and greeted them with kisses, which is always nice. he even chased my friend down the road when she forgot her umbrella. what a guy
  • the second is because even though i hate limoncello, i appreciated the shot i was forced to drink as we paid the bill
  • the third is because i had the most amazing seafood linguine, all for a poxy £8.90

if you have ever seen the episode of gavin and stacey at the italian, this is what it reminded me of. i struggled to make a decision but i was recommended the seafood linguine. i was really happy with my choice. as you can see this massive portion of pasta was served with clams, big fat king prawns and calamari in a garlic and tomato sauce. my friend said that last time it had salmon and mussels too.

if you’re looking for a friendly, cheap and tasty dinner then you should go here. it’s really close to balham tube too. you should prob book at the weekend as i imagine it’s hard to get a table. they also do takeaway pizza which is meant to be cracking.


2 thoughts on “bucci in balham.

  1. May I suggest you also hit up Ciullo’s on Balham High Road – just in the interest of full investigative journalism re Italian food in Balham:)

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