pulled pork at pitt cue trailer.

i’ve been meaning to go to pitt cue in soho for ages but the whole queuing for an hour thing really puts me off. today however, i stumbled upon this little beauty. i had just done a lap of the south bank food festival and not committed to a lunch, but when i saw this this little truck my heart squealed.
i had no idea pitt cue had started out as a little trailer under the hungerford bridge, if i had known i’m sure i would have been there before now.
me and my nan both got the pulled pork bun and it was, in her words “off the shizzle” (might have made that bit up).  it really was though. it cost £6.50 and as you can see the glazed bun was stacked with soft pulled pork, red cabbage slaw, pickled gherkins and some bbq salsa type thing.
the only thing i would say is to find yourself a quiet corner to eat this, which is quite hard on a saturday  afternoon at one of the most popular tourist spots in london. this is because it is a bloody mess to eat, and they are a bit stingy with the napkins. luckily my nan, like all nan’s, had her own pocket tissues.
my nan liked it so much she put her face in the box.
verdict – i would go back to south bank just for this, and i probably will next week as my post lovebox cure. you can find the trailer outside of the royal festival hall, every day 12pm – 9pm. enjoy :)

4 thoughts on “pulled pork at pitt cue trailer.

  1. I’m going to have to unfollow your blog because i can’t take the nice food you write and post pictures of :-/ There is nothing like this in Leeds! Move to Leeds and write about the food here instead :D

  2. Your nan is not messing about. Face right in the box. I’m tracking this trailer down at the weekend and finding a secret place to consume. Found the Wahaca van last week, that was bad enough trying to consume tacos in public – pork pibil everywhere.

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