brick lane salt beef bagel.

as an honorary jew i decided it was about time i got myself down to east london to sample the famous brick lane bagels. this is actually a bit of a lie, i was really going there to see the rib man, but alas, it was jubilee sunday and he was having a little rest. this was ok though because beigel bake was my plan b and it worked out pretty well.

i have only really converted to mustard and gherkins in the last year, and this was my first ever proper salt beef bagel so i have no basis for comparison, but i bloody loved it. the mustard was pretty eye watering, but in an enjoyable way. apparently this place is open 24hrs a day, and it makes you feel like your eastenders when you queue, so all in all i would recommend the experience. it cost me about £4 but i was too excited to listen to how much i paid so don’t quote me on that.

shalom kids

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