an eggcellent day.

i am not a morning person. however, this morning i got up really early because i was going for a special breakfast at the breakfast club. i think this might be the start of a new me, because the overwhelming sense of smugness that i felt when i skipped down the road with the sun in my hair at 7am was incredible.

i’m a little concerned that my blog is becoming a little ‘egg’ heavy but it’s ok because the breakfast i had this morning was maybe the best of my life. maybe i’ve lived a sheltered life, but honestly it was great.

i ordered an earl grey (because all ladies should drink earl grey) and eggs benedict which cost me £9.90 altogether.

i posted this picture on facebook and it went viral (not even joking, 22 likes and 8 comments. shit got real)

the egg was runny, the ham was thick and the hollandaise was dreamy.

verdict – if you like getting up early, feeling smug, and eating eggs then i thoroughly recommend a trip to the breakfast club (it opens at 8am)


byron burgah.

on tuesday night me and my friend lynsey went for a nice treat because she is leaving work soon to do another job where she will draw nice pictures and do some good colouring in. we chose to go to the byron on charing cross rd rather than the soho one because it is normally quieter than its soho sister and it is closer to leicester sq tube (where we try and spot tfl workers from the bbc 2 documentary ‘the tube’).

we really like going to byron because the burgers are probably in the top 12 burgers in london but i don’t know if this is true because i haven’t tried all the burgers in london i just know that they are really nice.

i got the byron burger and lynsey got chicken and we had french fries and lynsey had a root beer and i had a coke in a glass bottle which always makes me feel really happy.

my pictures aren’t very good because i was using my phone and the restaurant was candlelit because i think they were trying to be romantic

because it was a special treat we decided to go all out and have an oreo and brownie sundae too. it was nice but neither of us really care too much about ice cream so it was a bit of a silly decision. if you like ice cream and crumbled up brownie and one oreo you will like this

this is how many points lynsey gave dessert (i’m not sure what it’s out of)

verdict – i have been told there are better burgers to be had in london, but for me this is my favourite so far. i will keep you updated on my quest…

somboon thai stall (soho).

so i haven’t done any cooking lately because i normally finish work late and when i get back all i want to do is have a nesquik and not look at a computer screen. because of this i thought that i would start posting about some of my favourite places to go for lunch in soho.

if you work in soho then you are probably familiar with the somboon thai curry stall. even if you haven’t sampled the food, the fragrant thai smell that wafts down rupert st is hard to miss (i’m pretty sure that’s why all the crack heads congregate around this area)

i normally get the same thing, a green thai chicken curry with crispy fried shallots (this will set you back £4.80). this is pretty spicy but they do a red version too which i’m assured is just as delicious, just not as hot. please bear in mind that i will judge you if you choose this.


verdict – this will warm the coldest of hearts. authentic and delicious, just try it ok…